About Us


Who are we and why are we here?

We are simple people with hustling lifestyles who strive to keep healthy and tasty eating always on our forefront no matter how busy we are.

If you are someone like us and want to spice it up, you are at the right place!

We understand what it is like to cook a meal from scratch either for yourself or your friends & family on one of those days when you are completely exhausted and have no time. We understand the desire to still eat well on such days without having to delve into the details of shopping lists and ingredients. If you want to eat healthy anyway, why not make it super tasty?

We have been through the same journey and being Indian by origin, we craved and looked for some convenient Indian meal options that are wholesome and satisfying. Unfortunately, we could not find any that ticked all our boxes. So, we worked it out and managed to launch our own convenient Indian meal range.

So here we are! A family run contemporary Indian ready meal start-up dedicated to making healthy eating effortless. We want to break Indian food stereotypes and deliver an array of meals that excites your taste buds and inspires you to eat well, even on the go.

Why Indian?

We think Indian spices are natural gateways of flavor and also offer immense amounts of health benefits due to their medicinal properties. Being born and raised in India for almost 20 years, we have a special connection and appreciation of Indian cooking. We are super excited to leverage this awareness into innovating new recipes with a whole new wholesome twist and let the world enjoy it too.

Our Promise!

We are transparent with our processes and ingredients. We make our food with integrity, and we thrive on delivering a high-quality, honest meal to give you one of your five a day. And you can count on us! We don't need preservatives or unnecessary additives as our food is made from freshest ingredients and they are perfectly suitable for children too.