-1.1 Menu-
You choose the products you want from our menu and select the day you want them shipped. We will keep updating our menu with new products every 6 weeks and will notify you of such updates via email. Also, keep an eye on our social media Instagram.com/vamayawholesomemeals and facebook.com/vamayawholesomemeals for new product updates.
-1.2 Cooking-
All our products are nutrient rich and contains no preservatives or nasties. They are cooked using REAL high quality ingredients and blast frozen to seal in the nutrients. This steps eliminates any need for preservatives, your food has all the nutrients still intact and tastes as fresh as home made.
-1.3 Shipping-
Your order will be delivered to you in frozen condition. You can either eat it the same day or stack in your freezer to eat later.
Please ensure the food is kept in the freezer as soon as you receive it and consume by the use by date. 
-1.4 Heating up -
Just heat up the food as per the heating instructions on the box and enjoy.

We just want to make healthy eating absolutely effortless for you. The Subscription plans enables you to place consistent weekly orders through our site without having to login and order each time. You can choose your favourite meals to be delivered to you every 1, 2 , 4 or 6 weeks. We change our menu every 6 weeks and we will notify you of the new items on the menu via an email. If the product you chose for subscription is no longer available, you can change your meal options for next delivery. If you are unable to change, we will send you a similar priced item instead. 

You can also add or remove meals from your subscription plan at any time by logging into your account. You can also change the frequency of your future deliveries/ by logging into your account. To do this, Log in -> Go to Dashboard -> Go to Order History/ Subscription Plans -> Click 'Details' on the Order you want to change the subscription items or frequency for -> Select 'Details' on the subscription plan tile -> Amend and update as you need -> Check your amended details are reflected correctly.
Alternatively, you can pause or cancel your subscription at any time, as long as it is done before 10 PM on the Friday of the week before your delivery is due. You can resume your cancelled subscription at any time but you cannot resume a cancelled subscription. Once the subscription is cancelled, please create a new order by selecting meals from our Products.
To pause or cancel, Log in -> Go to Dashboard -> Go to Order History/ Subscription Plans -> Click 'Sunbscription plans' -> Click 'Details' on the Subscription you want to Pause or Cancel -> Under the 'Subscription status tile, select pause or cancel -> Check your amended details are reflected correctly.

Your card will be charged only for the first delivery after you place your order. For any subsequent subscriptions, your card will be charged 2 days before your delivery is due. You will notice this on your account when a new line gets added on to your Orders 2 days before the order is due.

We are currently delivering in Sheffield only but will soon start delivering nationwide. Keep an eye on our newsletter and social media updates. Our website automatically restricts orders to postcodes that fall outside the Waverly area.

Currently, we deliver on Sundays only.

As our meals will need to be kept frozen, we recommend that someone is available to receive the delivery. If you are not going to have anyone to receive the order, and would like your order to be delivered to a neighbour, please specify this on the 'Comments' box of the Checkout screen. 

We accept all UK debit and credit card payments.

Yes, our minimum order value is £35.

The best before date will be mentioned on your box. This will typically be 2 months from the date it is cooked.

Yes, you can freeze it and eat within the best before date.