How to make an authentic Indian curry

How to make an authentic Indian curry

In India, Curry is made from scratch, not from pastes and this is what gives the curry its authenticity. Here are some simple tips to make a perfect curry without any previous experience required -

1. Start with sizzling your whole spices first in hot oil - this step releases the beautiful aroma of spices into your oil

2. Take time to brown your onions, cook you ginger, garlic and tomatoes until they no longer smell raw - this step is key for the perfect curry base

3. Braise your meats and chunky veggies - Sauté or sear at high heat first, add them to your curry base and cook at low temperature. This step draws flavour into your meat/ veggies. For veggie curries, ensure they are not cooked for more than 5 mins.

4. Cook your curry base until oil separates out -  This is when you know your curry is done and can come off the heat.

5. Garnish - Be creative here, garnishing makes your curry a whole lot interesting. You can use anything from chopped coriander, mint, crispy fried onion, fried green chilies to sautéed nuts, desiccated coconut as topping. You can also pour some cream over for restaurant kind of curry.

Have you made a curry from scratch before?