Cooking in Clay Pots

Cooking in Clay Pots

According to Ayurveda, cooking in clay pots enhances the taste and the quality of food. This is how -

1. Clay is alkaline in nature. When heated, it reduces the acidity of the food which in turn makes it easy to digest.

2. Earthen pots have good insulation, meaning it retains and circulates heat through out the pot requiring less oil/ water for cooking. This keeps the contents of the dish richer.

3. It adds an amazing earthy/ smoky flavour to the dish.

4. The porous nature of the pot adds flavour by keeping the nutrients intact.

5. Foods cooked in earthenware are high in calcium, iron, magnesium and sulphur.

Good job if you are already planning to shop for some earthen pots now, just make sure they are not glazed. Glazing just reverses all benefits above!