Artisan healthy Indian meals home delivered for busy people

Welcome to Vamaya! A Sheffield based wholesome Indian meal service that delivers freshly frozen and balanced gourmet meals for busy people who want to eat healthy. If you are looking for an authentic, nutrient satiated and feel-good food, you are at the right place. We are the only Indian meal prep in the UK to deliver vibrant and re-imagined Indian home style meals to your doorstep. All our meals are flavour loaded and perfectly portioned to help you maintain healthy eating habits. We carefully handcrafted your meal combination so you don't need to pay for multiple dishes to make up a meal, no leftovers or waste and no guesswork required. Simple!

Our products are made from high quality ingredients and blast frozen to lock in the nutrients. This means, 

  • We don't need to add any preservatives or nasties
  • More nutrients to you
  • Your meal is ready in minutes and tastes just as fresh as it is homemade
  • No need to worry about shelf life, stack our products in your freezer and have it whenever you want, even on the go

We care about the environment and we are moving towards using packaging that is biodegradable!

How it works?

We want to make this absolutely easy for you.

  • Order from our menu and choose a delivery time slot. We are currently delivering only Thursday and Friday of the week (between 6 pm - 9 pm).
  • We will ship your order in frozen condition on the date chosen. 
  • Just follow the heating instructions on the box and enjoy.
  • Free shipping on orders £40 and above
  • 10% discount on orders over £50 + free shipping
  • 15% discount on orders over £65 + free shipping

Our stores 

You can also buy our meals from the following stores in Sheffield

1. Silly Samosa Takeaway

753 Abbeydale Road, Sheffield S7 2BG

2. Beanies Wholefoods 

1 Barber Rd, Sheffield S10 1EA

3. Beeches of Walkley

296, 290 South Rd, Walkley, Sheffield S6 3TE


The wait is over. We are live now, yay!

Our recipes are handed down from generations and are specially handcrafted by our chefs for you. They are sure to tickle your taste buds and inspire you to eat well even on the go. Click 'Read more' to view our products or click on our 'Products' tab.

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Unleashing the power of Indian spices

Unleashing the power of Indian spices

The benefits of spices goes way beyond offering just a flavor. Spices are rich in immune boosting and healing properties with no side effects. Consuming spices & herbs on a daily basis will give you a powerful immune system. Being born and raised in India for 20 years, we have an appreciation for Indian cooking and know how to coax out the flavors by using spice blends created from over 25 different spices, seeds, nuts and herb combinations. Get a wholesome balanced meal experience by tasting our authentic Indian household meals that are not only delicious but also packed with vitamins, healthy fibre, protein, and low saturated fats.

Our products contain real food and don't need flavor enhancers, preservatives or other nasties.

5 a day meals

All of our meals are developed to count towards your 5 a day emphasizing the health benefits of eating more plants whether you choose a meal for breakfast, lunch, dinner or tea. We are proud creators of healthy recipes that even give you more than your 5 a day.

Our Promise

We are transparent with our processes and ingredients. We make our food with integrity, and we thrive on delivering high-quality honest meals. All our veg and meat are freshly sourced from local suppliers which means more nutrients for you, good for our local economy and good for our environment too.

Taste, health and convenience at your doorstep

Taste, health and convenience at your doorstep

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